My son refuses the bottle

@yamiboo (466)
February 8, 2007 12:42pm CST
My 6-month old son has been directly and exclusively breastfed since birth. I am trying to introduce him into using the bottle so I can supplement with formula or expressed breastmilk on days that I am not at home to breastfeed him. However, it seems like he doesn't want to feed from the bottle. We've tried different bottle brands to see which one he would prefer, but everytime we offer him a bottle, he just cries and shouts. I really need to train him to use the bottle soon as I think I am running low on milk supply already and because I sometimes need to run some errands and unsure if I'll always be home in time for his next feeding. Any advice?
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@mansha (6301)
• India
8 Feb 07
My kid is now seven month and I didn't use the bottle at all. I use a spoon and a bowl to feed her and she loves eating with it. You can try some semi solid foods to give him in your absence. Like porridge, mashed bananas or aples, fruits are best. He will start eating that and you wont need any farmula or bottles for him ever. I even give her milk with a spoon. Anyone can feed her then and I dont have to boil and clean bottles too. My daughter can have biscuits too even bread and milk now. introduce everything really slowly one in four days. I also go out to attend my classes for software engineering that I am doing and its really convenient to do so. Milk I have used cows as it is really light to digest and rich in calcium. Why dont you try that with him.
@yamiboo (466)
• Philippines
11 Feb 07
I have already started introducing him to solid foods: rice cereal and fruits, but I don't want it to affect his milk consumption. It's like the solid foods is just a supplement and the milk is the main source of nutrition. I do not want him to lessen his milk intake till at least he turns one. Your child is like my 2-year old daughter, she prefers to have her milk given to her with a spoon and bowl. She doesn't like taking it from the bottle nor sippy cup, hehe. I was even thinking that my son might not prefer the bottle as maybe he is ready for the cup already. I still have to try that out. Thanks for your suggestion. If all else fails, I'll try your advice, thanks again!