How does these websites earn?

February 8, 2007 2:59pm CST
Everyone one would agree that nobody pays you for free, someone pays you 100 bucks only when they get 200 in return. So, ever wondered how do these websites work? What is the basic mathematics behind them? How are these numbers that x cents per discussion or y cents per referral decided? Geeks...this is your show your prowess...may be we can think of an Idea to earn money and start a website similar like this if you have one such idea of your own.
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@Silverkid (279)
• Canada
8 Feb 07
Well I aint no geek but ill give it a go. Im thinking the more traffic these kinda sites get the more the host pays. So with over 67,000 people here, they're earning a heck of a load of money. Thats why its not actually considered that they're paying us for free, they're just paying us some money out of their own personal income. Hope I helped.