How to improve relationship with my colleage?

February 8, 2007 5:27pm CST
I am a freshman in my company. I am not very similar to my job and colleages,what is worse,I make some mistakes in it. I found my colleages are not very welcome to me, even sometimes I very flat to them. I think a successful job must have a good relationship with others. But I have no ideas to do this, and I don't want to flat them because I think this is not my character if I do this. What can I do if I want to have a good relationship with my colleage? Have any effect methods to improve this condition?
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• Philippines
9 Feb 07
i've also felt that i'm not welcomed before. and i think one of the reasons for that is i'm not being friendly.since im the one who's new i should be the who should reach out. i tried also to help them if i have the opportunity. in that way you'll be able to gain their trust. :)