remodeling with wood baseboards, applying dry-lock to crawl-space

United States
October 12, 2006 1:39am CST
living in northern NJ - I am forced to remodel a small area of my finished basement due to water-damage. I requested an estimate from a local handyman who wanted $850 plus supplies to complete the following: instal baseboards stained and varnished to the height of 6-inches covering a 60' area, re-surfacing and framing my crawl-space door (32" x 32") with a piece of finished panel-board also to be stained, repair (with concrete) and paint a 2' x 3' area of the crawl-space floor, and apply dry-lock to the crawl-space walls (45' x 25' x 3'). As these are the repairs i want, finding contractors to perform these task are far too expensive. Should I continue to search for better pricing on these tasks or contact the handyman? Looking For Help
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