@joy1982 (226)
February 8, 2007 8:32pm CST
how much can you earn per referral you get? is it matter if your referral is active or inactive? can u still get a points when you refer somebody and he/she rarely use mylot?
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@kirenz (374)
• Canada
9 Feb 07
Its only for active referral. and what they earn you get 25% of it. that is what i have noticed.
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@creationhub (3068)
• Malaysia
9 Feb 07
I think it is not so important as to whether my referrals earn me points or not. More vital would be me having a commission of 25% of their earnings. That's why I lament in not having any active referrals. This year, I make it my target to reach 100 referrals by end of June.
@lameran (1148)
• Indonesia
9 Feb 07
Yes it is important mater, if your referrals is not active than you should get a little bonus from mylot, since mylot (if I'm not mistaken, I rather forget about it) my lot give 25% from the referrals earn, so if your referrals get 1 dollar this day, you should get arround 0.25, pretty much for a referral bonus if your referrals active, what about if you have 10 referrals ? and all of it get 0.25 per referrals ? you could retire from typing at mylot maybe ^^.