here i go again!

February 8, 2007 8:47pm CST
at the risk of being thought of as stupid or ignorant, i want to know what a kazoo is? and where or when and how is it used? i came across it in some party supplies wbsite as i was looking around for party favors for my girl's birthday in april. can someone enlighten me, please?
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@atticus (1381)
• Italy
9 Feb 07
arent' you 39?..and you like sing and cook even if you are male?...
• Philippines
9 Feb 07
hey, i'm a woman, 100%. lol! didn't you read my profile that says so? no, actually, joshdale are the names of my 2 boys, joshua and dale. my little girl's name is patrice and it's not in my username coz when i used this username, she wasn't born yet. i'm reatining the username coz i'm so used to it already, there's no way i will forget it now. and yes, i'm 39, about to become 40 that's why i am already forgetful. but i still love to sing and dance and cook and bake, not necessarily all at once. but thanks for visiting my page.
@estherlou (5017)
• United States
4 Mar 07
Wow...haven't heard that since I was a kid! Kazoos are fun to hum in...they make a really cool nasal sound. Really fun. When we didn't have a kazoo, we put waxed paper on a comb and hummed on that...not the same, but it made a noise.