just a snap, your life is over

February 8, 2007 9:14pm CST
This morning I open the yahoo homepage and I was shocked to see one of the news "Anna Nicole Smith remembered". Yup she's dead. I don't know much about this blond girl exept that I always see her in Hollywood shows like E! Buzz. If my memory serves me right I saw her yesterday having an interview regarding her baby girl and that man that claims to be the father. I don't know when was the interview conducted but I guess it's not that late. Then just this morning she's dead. That's fast. Actually while I am making this discussion I remember my classmates. The day before yesterday, they had a road accident. One of my classmates had stitches on his face and the other had a big hump. She describes her face with the hump like an alien. I can't imagine the three of us together with my other classmates are talking and laughing then after our class they had an accident. We don't really hold our destiny. I mean in just a snap, our lives maybe over.
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