TracBac Solution Sheet

October 12, 2006 2:22am CST
TracBac Solution Sheet The pain area Customer relationship management is imperative for any kind of business. Designers (read advertising agencies, Freelance designers, Architects, Engineering designers, Industrial designers) have recognized this fact and believe in their capabilities to deliver their best. The key is to manage clients ahead of their expectations. The clients, on their part, has their innate fear of finalizing something which is more than equivalent to the amount of money they spend on. And for the Creators, they have to understand and come across the pain of explaining why they made certain design decisions. The agencies expect their clients to partner them right from the start to the final decision making process to minimize the errors. The heartburns raising out of the designer-client conflict are due to the improper understanding of the requirements and deliverables. Designers are in fact spending huge money on prototyping, mock ups and so on without even getting compensated for the effort. And they finally are forced to succumb the clients suggestions. As the entire exercise happens on with visual & aesthetic elements, individual preferences prevail. It is very true that sophisticated software optimization and planning systems are now integral to the industry, enabling Designers to offer a unique positioning in the marketplace. But however the process of getting approvals from their clients find no solution to cost constrain, time, or energy. Back and forth between the Client and the Designers happens from time to time. Always client approval happens in the eleventh hour to deliver the 'creative' & solutions by next day morning. This pain is not just about loss of revenue, but it takes huge toll on the agencies, designers, organizations, in terms of handling pressure and also retaining talents. Today, there should be someone at the clients' end, who should go along with the agencies from the time the campaign is conceptualized to its implementation. TracBac is a product developed and owned by 360 Degree Interactive The Solution 360 Degree Interactive has come out with a newfangled application called 'Tracbac' to relieve this pain. ‘Tracbac’ is an online design collaboration application. It runs on Ruby on Rails at the background with Flash in the front end. ‘Tracbac’ by design deflates the space between the designers & the clients and makes the business easier and rugged. The USP of 'Tracbac' is that it is web based and it doesn't require any software to be installed in any of the user machines. All it needs is a modern browser with an Internet connection to use the application. 'Tracbac' enables iterations to be marked on the designs with texts, graphical markings and audio notes. A virtual white board with necessary tools is provided for the reviewers to mark the corrections on the creative. The amendments posted by the reviewers are communicated to the creator via e-mail, RSS feeds and over their IMs. Similarly, when the requested amendments are effected by the creator, the reviewers are also alerted with an e-mail. With its intrinsic Web 2.0 feature set, you can plan, schedule, and find anything by collaborating in a jiffy. TracBac is not just a replacement of traditional white board; rather it is been built as a visual collaboration platform. The usage is not restricted on the number of projects you do with the system; rather the designers only pay for the number of users they are collaborating with. TracBac is designed with the designers in mind, scaling up & down in terms of their usage pattern. TracBac is not only a time saver for Creators. It benefits both the Client and Reviewer in terms of tracking the number of campaigns they work with their agencies too. A product manager in a corporate may be involved in various design decisions. He can view all these in one single control panel, which he can manage on his own. Thus, we made it dead simple for clients and creators to do the collaboration. Our technology takes care of the rest. TracBac not just cures the heartburns on both the side of the table, but also rejuvenates the suppressed love beneath the surface, between the client and the creator to work on breakthrough designs & change the world. For our part, we will be happier to be a part of the changing world. TracBac is a product developed and owned by 360 Degree Interactive An Overview of how TracBac helps Organizations 1. Simple, web-based collaboration – Access anywhere, anytime for faster collaboration 2. Nothing to install, configure and download 3. Direct access to clients & creators with security – Helpful in transacting Intellectual Property more securely 4. Dual mode interaction – Creator as well as Reviewer – Great for advertising agencies who outsources design works to freelancers. 5. Solves a business problem – Reduces stress, heartburns and solves a century long business problem 6. Visual collaboration minimizes communication errors – Error free understanding of things from either side. Provides near zero miscommunication possibilities 7. Expandable collaboration sets with Instant Messengers, Audio Notes & Video integration [shortly] – Complete native collaboration takes of newer learning 8. Track-able results, Analytics & Branding – Complete customization of the interface enables branding with clear analytics & track-able results 9. Multi-user / Multi-location / Multi-content collaboration 10.Round-trip collaboration – Dual mode allows for round trip collaboration 11.Integration Possibilities – Integration with Flickr, Google, Amazon S3 provides complete customization from the user side to store images, store files, integrate with their Google Search desktop. This allows complete decentralized viral operation. Solutions Stack: TracBac will be available in 3 different delivery platforms. Web-based Service: Our primary delivery channel will be where customers can sign in for a secured, hosted service model to utilize the services with their clients & users. If you are interested in this, play around with our initial “proofof- concept” model at Hosted/Private Label Application: For organizations, who consider to have an inhouse visual collaboration platform, TracBac will be available as a “client-centric” hosted model with dedicated servers & customization benefits. It will be a complete, customized Private Label application for your organization, with custom branding. If you are interested, send an email to Integrated Application: For partners, it will be integrated with their websites. The visual collaboration will be an integral part of the partner's platform and will be powered by the technology from TracBac. If you are interested, send an email to If you are looking at other options for integrating or utilizing TracBac for your business benefits, send an email to TracBac is a product developed and owned by 360 Degree Interactive About 360 Degree Interactive 360 Degree Interactive (3DI) is a Web Services company. We help organizations utilize the web services effectively, powerfully and provide end-to-end solutions to their users. We believe Web as a platform for all communication & application needs for the world. We work with Web standards and emerging technology standards to deliver people oriented next generation solutions & services. Founded in 2003, by 3 technology geeks. 360 Degree Interactive is based out of Chennai has a JV in Sharjah and an office in US. Our core areas of working are Web Services, Web application development and Rich Internet Applications (RIAs). Along with TracBac, we are now working on 2 more products [ShowCase & MyRupee ]. Learn more about us at our website. Contacts R.L.Narayanan | Director – Global Alliance +91- 98401 08007 S.L.Narasimhan | Director – Client Relationships +91- 98400 77769 Corporate Website Product website TracBac is a product developed and owned by 360 Degree Interactive
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