Today's young people:overwhelmed and stressed out

February 9, 2007 1:23am CST
Seventeen-year-old Alex Capp of Grosse Pointe,Michigan,hopes his senior year of high school wll be less stressful that his junior year."it was a pretty overwhelming workload,"he says.besides taking two advanced placement classes,honors chemistry,math and electives,he served on the student council organizing community service projects,took a community college class,participated in his school's alcohol awareness group,did volunteer work,took tennis lessons and held down a part-time job. For Capp's generation,"overwhelming" is par for the course.and those who study teens and people in their early 20s say young people are extremely stressed out.they're coming of age in a globally competitive world where the path to the middle calss is no longer a high school diploma.more students go to college;it's also costly and more selective,and they know it can change their lives.the particulars vary,but young people from all walks of life are feeling the strain.
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