Education..For $1.50 in late fees you can get a better Education then this.

United States
February 9, 2007 1:45am CST
I am not against our Education. But the system is entirely wrong. It is a business, we attend classes pass or fail just to return to be told to retake a class we really do not need. What is Education really, a bunch of memorization and boring lectures you can really do with out. This is what education is to me; Organized reading and propaganda. Most after a 4 to 5 year trial and era, usually has to go back for another 2-3 years just to get the job they were promised in the first 5 years. But we end up with the job we really do not want and the life of frustration trying to find a job to match our degree. When all we really needed to do was go to our public library learn a few good authors. Create an Independent thought and go out fight the world with a better weapon of knowledge then we had in the first 8 years of trial and era. Then finding ourselves online making more money in a few hours then we would ever have in a life time of trial and era if we had just stayed at the job we went to school for in the first place. Welcome to the American Education System: I will bo your host Professor Osmrducks
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