be yourself...

@playgirl (1359)
February 9, 2007 3:59am CST
why some people pretending? for what? to whom? has it good advantage?
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@gemirios (55)
• Pakistan
16 Feb 07
pretending is DEFINITELY not good ... u just cant let it get to u !! see .. if u pretend to be someone that ur not, then ppl are getting fond of someone else and NOT YOU!! ... so y not BE urself and show ppl wat a TERRIFIC person u really ARE :)
• Singapore
9 Feb 07
people who pretend are basically living in self denial that other people could like them for what they r....., and its better that other people should like u for wht u are rather than not knowing u at all. well thats my opinion.
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@T_Diamond (965)
• New Zealand
11 Jul 10
Let's say you just met someone who really likes you, and you really like them. Okay, STOP! At this point, some of us start to pretend to be someone else to impress that someone. But the reality is...if that someone really liked you, they liked you for who you are. So why do you have to pretend to be someone else?
@pinkista (892)
• Philippines
7 Jul 08
I don't know there are people pretends to be happy but inside they feel sad. For me, as much as possible I want to be myself, there's a quote that says "Be yourself" no matter what people say to you or persecute you.
• Pakistan
26 Feb 07
well this is bcoz ppl usually try to cover up their weaknesses n incompetencies by pretending of wat they are not, this is not at all acceptable...
@inovator (603)
• Philippines
19 Feb 07
maybe coz thats the way they can express theire feeling?i dont know,,,but for me its so happy if you live what ever you are,,,as much as you never hurt somebody......
• Philippines
14 Feb 07
they pretend to hide the weak side of them! is an advantage for those people who had so many things to hide!...
• Philippines
9 Feb 07
You know we have heard this for a millions times probably..."Be yourseflf (or maybe yourselves for believe that being yourself is the best way to though. some people don't really know who they are so how can be themselves. I think the first thing that a person should do is find out who she/he really are. How can you be yourself when you have got no idea who you are.For a while I was actually not sure who I was before, not that I'm saying that I definitely know who I am, I mean I still discover new things about me until now...