why users of mylot less than 500 rating cannot use the ''past'' option?

February 9, 2007 4:17am CST
what do u think abot this ?
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@Wanderlaugh (1624)
• Australia
9 Feb 07
It's an anti-spam thing. It prevents people from deluging the site with cut and pastes. We've had people copying whole articles from the net and putting them out as "discussions." I searched one, and found it in about 2 seconds.It's not fair to those who do their own work. It also defeats the purpose of having a forum, if someone can just load the place with recycled posts. Why should these guys get paid for that? Even despite this rule, some people have been caught cutting and pasting. Some have stolen other people's discussions. Search the site, and you'll find a lot of reference to cheaters and spam freaks. 500 posts at least proves that you're trying.
• Pakistan
9 Feb 07
Well they have it as a security against spammers so that they spammers do not copy and paste crap on this forum, to copy and paste one has to be 500+ posts and you have to work hard to get there and spammers definately won't work that much just to spam myLot but then again their are many counters and anti counters to that. Though at times I feel difficulty due to the copy and paste thingy but I do agree that it is necessary and besides I'll get there soon :)
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• Indonesia
10 Feb 07
i don't know exactly, I think that maybe it's just from mylot ruler.