Women - I just don't get it...arguments?

@yogesh66 (1117)
February 9, 2007 4:23am CST
I just don't get how / why women can hold on to something that they then conveniently bring up in a different argument - and sometimes it can be years after !! How is something i did / said years ago (we are not talking major things here - no affairs or anything) relevant so many years on. Is there no expire date on these "gems" they seem to save for special occasions?
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@kavita23 (2996)
• India
9 Feb 07
women have very good memories i'm afraid, i'm a woman and guilty as charged, i find that if i bring summat up from way back its usually cos i felt didnt get either an apology or a decent explanation as to why it happened or why whatever was said, what everyone should remember is that men really are from mars and women really are from venus and are totally different in how we are, how we act how we deal with things etc etc etc. happy mylot day.
9 Feb 07
I think these things come up because in the past they have never been resolved. If you deal with each issue as it happens and work it through together then it won't keep coming up in arguments time after time.