February 9, 2007 7:02am CST
i think harry or mor spcifically his scar will b a horcrux.. it would b just lik voldmort to do it... hopfully thr will b a loophol in it.. what do u think abt it??
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• United States
9 Feb 07
NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!!!!! When Tom/Voldemort asked slughorn about the spell to make a horcrux, Slughorn said it was difficult. There has to be more to it then AK. Voldemort was not privy to the whole prophesy, he thought he could kill harry. I beleive he already had all the Horcruxes he wanted before he went to Godric's Hallow to kill Harry.
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• India
10 Feb 07
Voldie had no idea that when he went to kill harry it will end up with him being nearly killed.. so there's a good chance that he wasnt able to finish makin his horcruex... an when he tteied to AK harry the curse rebounded an it made a connection between him an Voldie an he would have been able to transfer a part of his soul to Harry thus makin him a horcruex.. the physical manifestation of it might be the scar??.
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