death of an x in law

@silkyt34 (324)
United States
February 9, 2007 7:53am CST
well i just found out this morning that my ex father-in-law passed away during the night last night, my daughters are going to be devastated because this was their last grandparent and they were both close to him. my question is should i feel sympathy for the man who tried to make my life h*ll for divorcing his son 12 yrs ago and always talked bad about me to my daughters every time he saw them or do i just ignore the fact that he has died, i mean i will definatly be a support to both my daughters over this and i have never spoken a bad word about the man to my girls i dont believe in talking bad about anyone, but like right now my feelings about hearing the news is like a total indifference i am just wondering is that normal?? i mean he was a huge part of my life for almost 20 yrs until the divorce.. what does everyone think ?? am i being cold about this or should i not have feelings about him? i mean i am definatly not happy that he has died but it doesnt bother me either
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