hubby sides with family

@seen7560 (238)
February 9, 2007 9:08am CST
whenever my hubby or i get into a fight or arguement, his family always sides with him. to me, they don't like me. they want us to get a divorce, b/c they never liked me from the start. should i still respecet them, or show them what they show to me? they put all these thoughts in his mind and make him think i'm doing all these bad things. i'm not, what should i do?
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9 Feb 07
this is a hard one. since i don't know everything that goes on, it's hard to judge the situation. ya know? I think it's normal for a family to side with their own...their son, brother, whatever. They are only hearing HIS side of things. Sounds to me, just from what you have written, that your husband needs to grow up. He needs to learn that he can vent to people if he feels the need, but he shouldn't LET other people put ideas in his head. When I am mad at my husband, I vent to my mom or my sisters, but I don't allow anything "bad" to be said about him. Just because we argue about something doesn't mean he's bad. ya know? same in your situation. my ex husband and I had this problem except it was his friends who did this to him. He listened to everything they said and it led to a lot of fights and hard feelings. As far as you...I would be the bigger person and still show them respect...they are your husband's family afterall. BUT, I would make it clear to your husband that things need to change. now, like I said...I am only getting YOUR side of the story so it's hard to really judge the situation. GOOD LUCK TO YOU!