storm - storm...things that some how makes people feel uneasy...sometime just hate it...Makes me feel unsafe....just like adults world...always need to be alert and full with burden...
February 9, 2007 9:26am CST
How many out there (adults) who live a happy life...just like a kid...no worries..no burden...why...you like to be an adults??Childhood is just like summer...so nice so beautiful...adults world is just like storm...makes us feel uneasy..
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• Philippines
9 Feb 07
I guess no one has no worries, no burden at all. Once you grown up, even the richest man on earth, it is impossible to have worry free. That is for sure. Unless you are an abnormal adult person who has a child mind.
• Malaysia
10 Feb 07
You are right..
@Decarus (146)
• Malaysia
10 Feb 07
there are...those rich guy/girl that grew up and still depending on his/her parents money to spend on his own stupid usage...thats what i think...childhood is not always nice like summer..:) "summer sometimes to hot" people always think that childhood is the best is because it has already passed..people always think that they are suffering right now because the thing is happening... :)