Who here discovered they have had sleep apnea late in life?

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February 9, 2007 10:13am CST
I'm in my 40s, and just last year discovered that I have a severe sleep apnea, and have probably always suffered from this. My problem is that walking through life with so little REM sleep has made me a less than wonderful employee. Now that I have a machine to help me sleep, I'm a much different person. How do I let the world know this when sleep apnea is such a new thing. Frankly, explaining it sounds like a lame excuse. I honestly feel as though my whole life has been one long drunken office party. (I can't believe I said that to my boss!) Does anyone feel like they need a new identity, and need to be relocated by the witness relocation program?!
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22 Jul 08
I just found out after i turned 34 that i have it..what messed up is i never showed signs of it prior to that and i had just lost like 25 pounds..im sure i had it prior to the weight loss but no signs of it..go figure
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23 Feb 07
I too was in my 40s when I was diagnosed. I had been having weak and dizzy spells, couldn't concentrate, my memory went to pot, I fell asleep at my desk, in meetings, even talking to my boss once. When the doctor finally figured out what was wrong, it was actually a relief. No, I didn't feel the need to seek a new identity, I simply explained to my co-workers that I have a medical condition that is finally being treated. They are amazed at the improvement they've seen in me, not to mention how happy they are that I can now do my own work. A little off topic, but if you are like me and like to sleep with your window open, a word of advice. My brother, who is also on a C-PAP, left his by the window one particularly cold winter's night and woke up with a viscious case of brain freeze! Remember, what goes in one end of the machine, comes out into your nose.