Tell him now or tell him later?

@seen7560 (238)
February 9, 2007 10:37am CST
I want to start by saying that I have no excuse and there is nothing that I can do or say to justify my actions. I am overwhelmed with guilt as I should be. I've been married almost 7 months and my husband is in Iraq. This past weekend a friend that I've had for years came into town, we went out for dinner and drinks and I don't even know what happened! I mean I haven't been touched in so long. I just let it happen. We are both (my husband and i) young and I'm really scared right now, I just betray him in the worst way possible. If I was willing to let that happen then should I be married? I need to make it oh so clear that I'm completely in love with him, but now i'm more confused than anything. It's definitely not something that's ever going to happen again! Okay so the whole point of this post was not so I could hear from everyone how terrible of a person I am trust me I know this, but for advice on whether to tell him now or wait till he gets home. I only get to talk to him about once every three weeks sometimes by phone others by email. I'm going to tell him, we are completely honest with each other, but I don't want to distract him with the hurt and all the bad things that will fill his thoughts when he's out on missions and should have his mind on not getting shot. Any advice welcome.
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@Kicker55 (243)
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9 Feb 07
Their is no answer, it's hard for you because your husband has been away for so long that you maybe even forgot your love for him. Instead of thinking about how you miss him and how you need someone with you, put other thoughts in your head. Do something to keep you busy, quit watching tv shows or listening to music that describes how you need someone. You know what I mean, no desperate housewives or britney spears or anything like that, all that will do is make you think you need someone NOW when all you need to do is protect your mind. We all make mistakes and I think you should be truthful with him. The more you lie, the deeper you get. If you don't tell him and he finds out by himself what do you think will happen?
@inked4life (4227)
• United States
9 Feb 07
I can't even begin to understand how difficult it must be to have your spouse away for so long and how lonely you must feel at times, so for that reason alone I am not going to judge you in any way. If you are really intent on telling him what happened then I think it's something you have to do face to face. Also, I'm sure he is under enough pressure over in Iraq right now and telling him while he is there would be a big mistake in my opinion. Hope things work out okay for you guys.