what is the importance of the word 'MASK'?

February 9, 2007 11:54am CST
ok let me take u to the world of masks.. it is a covering worn on the face(disguising). the actual important characteristics of a mask is to hide the orginal face and identity. it is really a fascinating thing. it can be natural, real or unreal-imaginary or supernatural(remember BATMAN or similar cartoon characters).we try to copy various things from what exits in our surroundings. say earlier hunters wearing masks of wild cats, lions to get their powers(getting a feeling). masks have represented various themes in various cultures. we have very own examples of msks found with mummies of kings in egypt. similarly we find various regions(probably every country has its own ritual relating to masks. it is incomplete without masks.) some of the famous, fascinating, colourful masks that i have seen are from countries like CHINA, INDIA, EGYPT, THAILAND, ITALY etc.. (and please let me know about other regions as well......with pictures if you could find!! and and how can we forget MOVIES-they have always drawn inspiration from the MASKS.(adding JIM CARREY with his hilarious comedy 'THE MASK'...
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