@silkyt34 (324)
United States
February 9, 2007 12:40pm CST
i was on mylot a couple days ago and came across a bunch of jokes now i cant find them grrrrrr.. some were really funny how do i find them again? i really enjoyed them
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• Grand Junction, Colorado
24 Feb 07
It's possible that they were deleted. A few weeks ago someone was some sort of spammer devise to upload jokes every minute. The person signed up for a mylot acct less than 24 hours before and had uploaded a 1,000 or more jokes I believe the account was deleted along with all of those jokes. I'm not sure of mylots policy on jokes. But spamming is a no no. :)
• United States
10 Feb 07
ok. if you responded to the jokes then they will be in the discussions you've responded to on your page.
@anjuscor (1266)
• India
9 Feb 07
May be they are deleted. Here is one for you. One sardu was going to Chandigarh from pune by a air-india plane.He was alloted the middle seat of one of the 3-seats array. But as soon as the sardarji got into the plane, he sat on the window side seat which was actually for an old lady.After some time the old lady came and requested the sardarji to leave the side seat.But the sardaji told:"I want to see the view from the window and shall not leave". The old lady then complained to the air hostess .The air hostess came and requested the sardarji to leave that seat.But sardarji was adament and did not leave.Then the air hostess went and told the asst capt.He also came and requested,but in vain. Finally the Captain came.He whispered something in the ears of the sardarji,and the sardarji immedietly left the side seat and returned to the middle seat. Astonished,the airhostess and the asst. capt. asked the capt afterwards what he told to the sardarji.Capt. told :"nothing.Ijust told him that only the middle seats will go to Chandigarh. All others will go to Jalandhar."