What is the main reason that people are converting to Islam?

February 9, 2007 4:03pm CST
I have seen many people converting to Islam what is the main reason that people are converting to islam? I think they study to clear the misconception's , and when they clear it they feel happy about it , some people say that thier is peace in Islam , I hope so. What do u think of it ?
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@judyt00 (3504)
• Canada
9 Feb 07
Depends entirely on where they are . In some places they have no choice. they either convert or are killed. In other places I think they perhaps aren't told the bad things about the religion and only know the good. Sadly, these are the people who are the most militant about it being the only 'real' religion.
• Qatar
9 Feb 07
well i tell u , i know some of them like MUHAMMAD ALI , JACKSON(bro of micheal jackson) ,Yusuf estes (The christian ex-preacher) i have seen they interview and u all know them , "THEY HAVE CLEARED THIER MISCONCEPTIONS" that's why i think they converted
• Malaysia
15 Mar 07
where in the hell do you get your informations, who converts or gets killed? ppl convert because they are not arrogant, and seek the truth wether you want or not
@Naseem00 (1998)
• Pakistan
19 Mar 07
The western media has done a remarkable job projecting Islam as a negetive religion. Non-muslims are under the impression that Islam is bad dueto this drive by their own media. This is exactly why when some non-muslim studies Islam with an open mind find it appealing. People have started trying to find the truth about Islam specially after the 9/11. This evil propaganda against Islam has turned aginst the propagandists and more and more people have started turning to Islam.
@Naseem00 (1998)
• Pakistan
24 Mar 07
LOL, and still more and more people are attracting to Islam, specially intellictuals and educated people. There must be someting wrong with what you think