gettin fed up..

February 9, 2007 5:30pm CST
ive been into a lot of relationships,some failed and some worked out. i did try bein with someone who we refer to as the good-type and the other way around.. but after havin my last relationship,which ended until its 11th month,i felt that im gettin fed up on havin a relationship and bein with a guy. its like that i dont wanna be hurt again and i dont wanna even try because im happy bein single. and i dont wanna spend my time playin around or foolin someone. i dont know if i havent met the right guy or its just that im bein impatient in havin one. i dunno,but i thnk theres somethn wrong with me feelin this way at my age..
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• Singapore
10 Feb 07
My.. You sound so disappointed. Maybe you should analyse all your relationships and see if there's a problem. Like, in the first place, why do you guys break up? Is it always due to the same reason? But then again, there might just not be any problem at all.. You just haven't met the right guy (or maybe girl) but when you finally meet the right one... It's gonna be all good (and of course a little bad at times) And actually, if you like being single, then you should just remain single until you're sure of the next guy you meet before getting together or something. I feel that one should never give up on love. True love is out there somewhere, just that its a poisson curve and hard to find. It's hard, but not impossible. So you'd hafta keep looking! :D