Replies make all the difference.

February 9, 2007 5:33pm CST
Im very new to this game. But after a couple of days must say , when people make the effort to reply to the responses it certainly adds to the interest. Makes it easier to get involved. More thought provoking. What do you think.
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@Phlamingho (7831)
• Denmark
9 Feb 07
It's always more interesting to discuss a good subject than just drop an one liner and get moveing.
9 Feb 07
I find Im trying to work on good subjects in my sleep now. Good Game.
• Canada
21 Feb 07
I definitely agree with you! Also, the more replies I post, the more money I seem to earn at the end of the day. Posting photographs and other images also helps raise the count, and bring in the pennies. MyLot keeps me in coffee money for the monh.
@bufu2u (445)
• China
18 Feb 07
Giving response is not the end of the discussion.We can give opinion and interesting in the response.In that way,discussion can make long and deep.
• Grand Junction, Colorado
11 Feb 07
You make a great point. I was responding to every post made to one of my discussions until someone pointed out to me that the guidelines in mylot actually state not to respond to every reply as you don't get paid for it. I hadn't been repling in hopes of getting paid, I had responded as it seemed a good way to keep the discussion moving and to be courteous to my fellow mylotters and say thank you! I have been here for about 2 weeks now and I can tell you that I'm having a ball, but I have to warn you it is very addictive. Everytime I leave I can't wait to get back here to see what all is going on around here. I want to say welcome to mylot, hope you have a ball here. Good luck to you!