Do you believe in ghost?

@lopam82 (551)
United States
October 12, 2006 6:48am CST
Do you believe in ghost? Please tell me your opinion about ghost. Have you any experience?
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@cutu0123 (215)
• Bangladesh
14 Oct 06
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• Janesville, Wisconsin
4 Dec 06
Yes, I definately believe in Ghosts. There is this one ghost I call it "The music spookie" ... Because it always turns on the music of my computer, tape players, and makes songs play that are not on that tape... One Night we got done watching the Exorcist, and I was teasing my sister. I could feel the Spirits laughter, as they laugh about how often people credit the presence of good spirits as being even when its not evil at all... Just Spirits, or ghosts trying to get our attention or cure our bordeom... I said goodnight to my sister after telling her not to worry there are no demons in our house I said creepy things that are here for.. then stated my evil sisters name, they are to interested in her negativity to care about us.. so don't worry about them. She then said don't tell me this when I am trying to sleep! as her bedroom door started to move on its own and I giggled she said that is not funny! :) ... So I got on my computer and went to play my Chants, and when I hit Gayatri Mantra... The Exorcist theme music stated to play out of it. I snapped Music Spookie that is not funny! Then I couldn't help to laugh then I gestered at the computer. PUT dat file back on the right music, and then the Gayatri Mantra started to play. I said Thank You! .. and then laughed, as I knew it was picking on me to let me know it wanted to play :) . It's a young playful little Teenage Native Ghost :) ... But often I have to verbally tell it to stop as sometimes it wants to play or prank to far :). They did not have music in the days it lived, so it is having a ball experiementing with all or our toys and media, and often it will turn on my Native Chants, and next I know I have a room full of dancing Native Spirits and Spookies, who take it as some form of interesting modern indoor powwow :) ... It sure is exciting. - DNatureofDTrain