Air guitars on ebay

@Baldev00 (115)
February 9, 2007 7:44pm CST
I have seen a few air guitars being listed on ebay, and people are actually paying money for them! I think its just because they want to see what the seller sends them (a blank envelope perhaps). have you ever bought, seen, sold such an item? What are some other ridiculous items you've seen?
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@kittyloki (140)
• United States
13 Feb 07
I've seen those air guitars along with many other stupid things.
• United States
12 Feb 07
i saw the immortal soul of britney spears...a haunted ghost cane- that went for 65,000...a grilled cheese with the Virgin mary....a cheeto shaped like male genitalia....packing peanuts...dust balls...yah people wil ltry to sell just about anything on there
12 Feb 07
I have seen air guitars being auctioned on eBay as well, I wondered who would buy one. My friend took up the challenge, and received a picture of a guitar, and instructions on how to use it. I have seen people selling loads of random things, from clouds to bottles of fresh air.
@scarydog (170)
11 Feb 07
I've sold an empty box(well 2 of them actually!) and know of people who've sold ice(in it's liquified form), empty drinks cans, and the best was a bucket of water that was collection only from Bristol in the UK...the joke was that it was definitely Bristol water and NOT Bath water~ bathwater(Bath is not far from Bristol)!!
• United States
10 Feb 07
Used undies, bags of hair (unsavory hairs), 20 pairs of irregular socks that were sewn shut at the ankle (some one bid five bucks for them). I haven't sold anything intangible. But if I could, I would sell, a "Pack of Lies" (ranging from children's fibs to outright adult BS lies). I would also sell my old baggage. No need to keep it anymore. I should sell it to the next sucker. I would take pictures of people I no longer speak to, guys I have broken up with. You get the idea. Perhaps we all could come up with some clever ideas and one of us put them on ebay and we can split the money.