Florida beaches closed due to invasion of hundreds of sharks!!??

@burtle (213)
New Zealand
February 9, 2007 7:58pm CST
I have read a couple of articles in recent days about 2 beaches in Florida being shut due to an invasion of what was described as hundreds of Sharks - not 5 sharks, not 10 but hundreds. Can this be for real? Who would ever want to go swimming in Florida at all - its sounds like you would be placing yourself on the menu! Is there anyone from Florida that can shed more light on what has been happening here? Thanks
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@polachicago (19073)
• United States
10 Feb 07
Biologists believe the sharks are probably spinner sharks, which are seen this time of year in shallow water.
@burtle (213)
• New Zealand
10 Feb 07
ok thanks, thats interesting, I just had a look on the net, it appears spinner sharks are not dangerous to humans unless provoked. I wonder if provoked means bumping into, standing on or just being around the general area of!
• New Zealand
31 May 07
scary cant say its happened here in nz yet but you wouldnt catch me putting even my big toe in the water if it did lol
23 Feb 07
It only my theory but I wonder if they are gathering because it is the breeding season? Or maybe these are females banding together in order to give birth to their young. I watched a great documentary on television a while ago showing a similar large shoal of sharks in the waters of Mexico.
@fub21a (194)
• Australia
14 Feb 07
I have seen and heard on this from the net but from doing the research on the net aswell as I'm abit of a shark nerd :) It's not uncommon for them to be around this time of the year.. They will move on and yeah they don't go after humans unless provoked and that = stepping on the them, kicking,punching, wearing a fish costume. They will move them self on as they are normally around for 2 weeks. Here is abit of information about the sharks that I found interesting - www.sharkinfo.ch/SI3_02e/cbrevipinna.html. Thanks.