United States
February 9, 2007 8:18pm CST
I remember when like the mid and south east coast of the states were having a hard time in getting the lottery out of their hands. Like a few weeks ago the lottery for the powerball was 240 million dollars. Does anyone remember that? I bout like 30 different number combinations and everything and I had a big feeling in my gut that I was going to win at least 7 dollars. Haha. But I didnt win anything the next night. But just like a week after that someone won it by mistake. The cash clerk printed him one and he really didnt want the powerball but the other one which i dont remember. But he just said hell take it since its already been printed out and guess what? Those numbers were the winning numbers. How often does that happen. Hahah. Do any of you all play the lottery and did you play for that one? Whats your experience?
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