Is fat the new skinny?

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February 9, 2007 8:25pm CST
I have noticed something when i got out of high school and as the years went on. I am a bigger girl....not morbidly obese but not skinny either. I have noticed more guys like the bigger girls. When I do ameture nites as a stripper, i am one of the highest tipped, highest applauded and 99.9% of the time i end up in the top 3. And the skinny chicks ask me how I do it. and more often than not I get hit on more than i did before. Is thick the new thin? what are some opinions?
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13 Feb 07
Super skinny is sick looking and so is super fat. However, a pretty face never goes out of style. Maybe you just have a pretty face. No. Thick is not the new thin, you don't have to be supermodely skinny but if you look good in a bikini with boy short bottoms than your just the right size.
• United States
13 Feb 07
ok, im 5'6" 200 lbs, and I dont think I look good in a bikini w/boy shorts. My point is, I get hit on just as much if not more than the girls who are skinnier than I am. And they get mad and jealous over it. If ur content with the skinnier girls that arent rail thin and not the ones that look like the michelin man then fine. But just note that what u look like on the outside might not be a good reflection of whats on the inside.
@vivien_9 (229)
• Philippines
11 Feb 07
YEah, maybe. It is look beautiful if your not too fat and too slim. just good.
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