Here try the wishing well

United States
February 9, 2007 9:08pm CST
What do you think?????????? WISHING WELL Here I sit being called He calls me to come I am a little traped Theres no way to go and see I can't make it to talk I have to sit here while he calls Calls me to leave Calls me to walk All that he wants is to talk He wants me to go to the park There we have met befor That's were he wants me now To go to the wishing well But i have no way out Besides the snow won't part I can not stride to the park In due time will i go I will try to achieve his goal I already know what the spirit wants He wants to be found He is a little boy who is lost He's been lost for hundreds of years He's called me to find him His plain has flaws No on would listen No one would believe No one would help He'll be lost to all but me.
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