How do you feel about kids on prescription drugs for mental illness?

@Keryden (240)
United States
February 9, 2007 9:39pm CST
I mean like these kids we've all seen that look like they are all drugged out and docile. I also mean the kids that this is benefical for.What are your thoughts on the subject. Do you think kids should be diagnosed with things like depression or bi-polar.Things like schitzophrenia(sp) and being given medications that have alot of side effects that could be harmful to the child. Do you think the kids understand the harm the pills can cause to them? Do you think its ok for parents to make a decision to put their kids on these drugs? please post here.
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@olaff123 (434)
• Namibia
10 Feb 07
I've been on epilepsy medication since the age of six. There is definite side effects to all types of medication. But when the benefits outweigh the harmful effects, this enhances that child's life. Do you suggest that children shouldn't be diagnozed with medical conditions just because the medication may have negative effects? Should the medical profession turn a blind eye to the problem just because it is a child? I suppose young children do not understand the implications of side effects, but usually children given these types of medication are monitored for any negative effects. I've been through this, my whole life as a child was frequent medical examinations etc. I knew very well that I have to take my pills or have fits.
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@Keryden (240)
• United States
10 Feb 07
nope I am not trying to say its good or bad, I am asking others their opinion on the subject.