Do you Intrested With Mitsubishi Evolution?

February 9, 2007 10:52pm CST
I am a fan of mitsubishi Evolution.Anybody here has same interest with me?You can get imformation about the evolution of mitsubishi in this link
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@danoneism (680)
• Malaysia
14 Feb 07
im also a fan of this mitsubishi lineup but i like the most is the evo6.. it has a fierce look than the other version.. even though it was build based from the rally world i think its a coolest street car ever.. especially for street racing!!~
• Philippines
15 Feb 07
I really like the evo 6...the evo 7 body onwards seems "bland" compared to the evo4-6 chassis, but heck its still an evo. I would love to have one
@hfadzli (439)
• Malaysia
25 Feb 07
Yes, i am a fan of misubishi evolution. it an awesome rally car. very powerfull engine. and thanks for the link. will check it out now.
@marku23 (75)
• Philippines
14 Feb 07
from the day I drove an Evo 5 I've loved Evos ever since! love the turbo boost and the "airplane-like" bodykit. Am still a fan of the Evos up to this day. My favorite is the Evo 6
@nitrodona (418)
• Italy
12 Feb 07
The lancer evo is one of last car that are pretty similar with the rally cars. Only the Lancer and Impreza are in this class, two very aggressive view and nice performance, in the low speed track can be faster than a supercar and in the public road are pretty good!! very nice car!!