Bad Sister Need Help (Continue)?

@seen7560 (238)
February 10, 2007 12:14am CST
From my Last Question, I am 13 and I was at a friends house. But With my Sister its Diffrent, my Dad Found Out about it and He Got Extremely mad. She's Grounded and everthing its just she Doesnt learn From anything, My Dad Has Caught Her so many Times at Somthing. he Confronts her and takes away every Privlege she has but, at night when he has to sleep, Shell talk on the Phone. This past last Month it was her B-Day and She Got a But load of money and she bought her owN Fone!!! And its not like my dad Can Take it away, She Even Says She dont care about what happens to her. We have Realtives that have past away Recently, from harsh Deaths. But she doesnt learn anything From anyone. One Of her high School Friends got onto a Car accident and Died All che learned was to wear a Seat Belt!!! personaly i Think there is Something Mentally WRONG!!! my Mom and dad Tried Everyhing Counciling, Talking to her, thinkginh about sending her to A Flippen Private School!!!!! I really Need Help!!!!!
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