My mom doesn' want me to go to the army.?

@seen7560 (238)
February 10, 2007 12:20am CST
I want to go to the army when i turn 18 so I can get my collage paid for and also to have fun in my life but she said I'm not going can she keep me from not going to the army and if i do how make her not worry about me.
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• China
19 Feb 07
Mother's worry about son will never end.what you can only do to release your mother's worry is work hard and become stronger.
• Canada
14 Feb 07
seems to me at 23 you can do what you want, oh i mean 18 or is it 12. you keep changing your age in your posts. hard to give proper advice if you don't tell the truth.
@xelissa (777)
• New Zealand
10 Feb 07
You have your rights when you're 18 and theres no-one that can stop you, your mother
• Canada
10 Feb 07
Once you turn of age there is nothing your family can do to stop you but on the other hand there is nothing you can do to prevent your mom from worrying about you . All mom's worry about there children and especially in a situation like this where she knows the danger that you would be facing . If you feel this strongnly on it you should really look into it well and when you feel the time is right sit you mom down and explain to her why it is so important to you , this will not make her feel any better but she may understand your need better and this may make it easier .