Do you Meditate?

South Africa
October 12, 2006 7:52am CST
Do you meditate and what has it menat for you?
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@farel1zg (181)
• Croatia (Hrvatska)
19 Oct 06
yes, regularly i was doing meditation techniques. it really made changes in my life, to be more conscious of myself and world around me. it helped me to bring to the light many unconscious patternes of my mind which was closing me for reality and for living real life. but have to say that it is very important which meditation technique one choose. because some called meditation are nothing else then concentration or changes for sleeping pills. that is not what meditation is. it is not purpose of meditation to supress, sleep or concentrate.
• Nigeria
19 Oct 06
sure i gives me a chance to really get close to who i am, what i hope to achieve in life, what i have achieved and i also meditate to get closer to my creator whenever i need some kinda help.
• United States
15 Oct 06
I try not to think, I guess meditation would help to clear my mind and take some of the stress away. One thing I think of to help with that is, All Is Well- which to me means the small things won't matter later and the things that really matter are just fine.
@exodamus (1629)
• India
14 Oct 06
Meditaion relaxes you.But spiritual meditation takes you to such a BLISS which has only to be experienced.Spritual meditation , we call it DHYANA in India. It is a meditation where you concentrate on a spiritual or a divine power.