Becoming a single mom is the greatest responsibility..............

February 10, 2007 3:16am CST
I am a woman whom became pregnant to my boyfriend, but after what happen to us, I haven't heard about him within 2 months... How I wish I could make it....and I can give him/her a good future in life and I am become a good mother to my future child... I hope I can do everything to be a good mom....
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• Philippines
10 Feb 07
We've always heard this "mother's best"..all of us has a right to become a good mom. We always strive hard to become a good mom,isnt it right? Nowadays,many settle to become a single parent than to have a husband who is hard headed and indifferent. I even wanted to become a single mom because you will seldom find a good guy,a ratio of 1:10. Now if you are thinking what will happen in the future, Leave it to GOD and pray. Prayer can move mountains,remember? Regarding your childs education,there are certain schools or institute which offers less tuition fee and offers scholarships. Dont loose your hope,because as long as we live theres always success that awaits us in the end.Double your time and effort. WELCOME to,i hope this can be of help to your needs. Let's hope for the best and GOD will do the rest!