DREAMS.. meanings, recall ur dream, weirdest dream, last dream, sleepwalk / talk

February 10, 2007 7:07am CST
Normally i don't remember my dreams... but I have this reoccuring dream of me flying... it feels so real ! in my dream at first i dont believe i can fly, but then someone tells me that i can and so i concentrate n i stare at something and flap my arms but nothing happens... then the person tells me i can do it again n i flap my arms harder n concentrate more n i levitate n once i fully believe i can fly i soar n im able to fly over beautiful scenery like valleys and on the ocean shore.... what was the last dream u had ? do u know what dreams mean ? do u sleep walk or sleep talk ?
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• Australia
22 Feb 07
the lsat dream i had was me in health . . .and not knowing Charmed answers... Dreams i think are simply your subconscious relapsing into figments of your imagination (snap im pro) . . .i sleep walk and sleep talk...lol wat a sped kid
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• Australia
22 Feb 07
woah uber pro toots ! lol best and ONLY response !! =)
• United States
26 Feb 07
I know that i dream at night, but i don't ever remember them every well when i wake up. Now if the dream is scary or something bad happened in it, then yes i normally do remember it.