best way to make money on myLot + I NEED HELP PLEEEEASE !!

February 10, 2007 7:40am CST
for the pros out there.. how did u make a lot of money on myLot ? wats the best / easist way of making more money ? ive got a few questions that i need help with.. if anyone can answer ANY of them pls do... =) 1) do u get money for uploading photos in discussions? 2) do u get money for making ur own discussion or do u need responses ? 3) how can i collect my earnings if im 17 and dont have a paypal account ? does that e-gold site allow ppl under 18 to hav an account ? 4) will my earnings from this month carry over to next month if i dont receive them cos i dont hav a paypal account ?
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@maribel1218 (3085)
• Philippines
12 Feb 07
hi hope this some few personal tips can be of help... I just want to contribute few tips: First, I tried to answer a discussion with at least 3 or more sentence that really relate to that situation. Not to exaggerate the answer just to be selected as best response but I answer it as honest as I can be. You have to target at least 30-50 post a day. Second, I try to answer some myLot member discussion with no replies even it was post more than a week ago and answer new member and start the reply with always a "Welcome to myLot" and try to answer the discussion no matter how it was asked hundreds times mostly about being new in myLot! Third, it is very important to rate first all the discussion you want to respond (it was located at the right side +-!) before posting your reply, I think this is one way myLot admin rate a good discussion and to determine what are discussion to be deleted. Try to select a "best response" in all of the discussions you started. I tried to post a reply in each discussion myLot friends started. When I tried to open a new discussion I see to it that It is a really sensible topic that most of myLot members can really relate, I upload a relevant photo to earn extra, and state brief description on what was my discussion is all about, and most important thing I thanks all my myLot friends who responded to my newly open discussion. And lastly I always accept all friends request no matter how many posts they made, I believe that we should really try to give chance to hear new members thougts and points of view. About your earnings I'm not sure on the age requirements for paypal and egold maybe you can send question to mylot admin about that and the earnings if it doesnt reach $10 then it will be carry over for the next month.
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