Will buying of Beckham improve the financial & quality of mls?

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February 10, 2007 10:28am CST
will buying of Beckham improve the financial & Quality?
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10 Feb 07
Hi I'm English and also a Man Utd supporter. David Beckham was at one point a few years ago one of the best players in the world (before he got married) but he's hugely off form now - he's not been played by Real Madrid for ages and he's been dropped from the England squad (he used to be the Captain). It might sound cynical but I'd suggest that the main reasons for DB going to America are a) his missus, Victoria, is so pathetically desperate for fame stateside and b) the huge revenue his face and name will undoubtedly bring to the club. He's desperate to keep playing, I don't doubt his desire but I personally think he's lost his spark - he's had a tumultuous few years on a personal level and has this absolute harridan of a wife that virtually no-one likes over here in this country. I feel hugely sorry for him actually - I know he loves football and just wants to keep on playing but this whole 'Brand Beckham' thing has, in my opinion, been the ruination of him as a player. I think he's almost too old now to get it back - I hope I'm wrong.