My actual experience with spirits

@manong05 (5029)
February 10, 2007 10:32am CST
I believe in spirits because I have a personal experience with them. I had a project in the outskirts of Manila far from my home and I found it necessary to move my equipment and materials near the jobsite. The only place available was a haunted house and the owner was just so glad someone is going to stay there so he even offered it for free. The people nearby warned me that the house hasn't been occupied for more than 15 years after the 2 unexplained deaths of the occupants and that the house was occupied with noisy spirits. The first night we heard footsteps upstairs and windows were rattling and several other noises. We went up to check but there was nothing aside from the cold air that swept our faces, it was summer that time. The following day, all my men told me they will all go home after work and they couldn't stay in a place like that so I was left alone. Since I couldn't convince anybody to stay with me, I stayed there by myself. The scenario is the same night after night. I even talked to them (without seeing them)that I know of a higher Being greater than them and they couldn't touch me nor harm me. I told them I am going to stay in the house with them and I don't want to be bothered. Just the same, they made their presence known night after night but I soon got used to it. I don't have a rational explanation for this and I don't want to either. What I have experienced is enough for me to believe. If this happens to you, will you leave the house?
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28 Nov 09
I will surely leave the house if you go with me, hahaha! Seriously now, I would surely do that. I won't ever dare to stay a night at the place known to be haunted. You were brave to stay some nights alone in that house. Now, may I ask: were they female spirits? hahaha (I am resurrecting this discussion of yours.)