How far would you go for your friends??

@ToMuSH (202)
February 10, 2007 10:52am CST
I would do anything for a real friend, How about you??
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@gevatsh (322)
• Israel
10 Feb 07
I will do every thing but only if he really good friend if just a friend not ... (:
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• United States
13 Feb 07
if he is real friend and desrves then i will do my best to help him
@stibigirl (291)
• United States
13 Feb 07
I really treasure the friends that I have, mostly because I don't have much family and my close friends fill in those spaces for me. I would do anything for my real friends, I totally agree, there is nothing that is more precious than that friendship, everything else is fleeting.
@abhax123 (1697)
• India
12 Feb 07
Anything for a true friend anything is nothing...
@anonymili (3138)
11 Feb 07
As you get older you learn who your real friends are. It is not practical to say you would do anything for your friends. For example: if a friend asked you to kill someone for them, would you do it? Of course not (well I sincerely hope you wouldn't anyway)! If a friend asked you to steal something for them, would you do it? No to that too, I hope. I've covered for friends in the past when I was younger, such as when they wanted to go see a boyfriend and told their parents they were seeing me. I had a friend who I knew throughout middle and high school who asked me to have a baby for her when we were in our mid 20s, I said no and our friendship was never the same and a couple of years later we drifted apart and I haven't seen her since (that was over 10 years ago). I don't regret refusing her request to this day but it's not something I would ever consider asking anyone myself. Even if I had a sister I wouldn't do this for them either.
10 Feb 07
me too ...i totally treasure my friends and can do absolutely anything for them!! thats the reason why i m very choosy about selecting my real friends,...!! i once got almost expelled from skool for covering up for my best friend...but then shes helped me in a lot of tricky situations i owed it to her...thats the least i could have done!! after all wat are friends for rite??! ^_^