do you have strange dreams?, anyway please read about mine

February 10, 2007 11:51am CST
Do you have strange dreams at night? I used to have a lot when i was a kid and even do now. Last night i had one of my worst dreams. I was at my friends party and was enjoying the food and the drinks there while chatting with my friends. Then all of a sudden in the moonlight i could see two ugly looking creatures about 4 feet in height. They had a crooked human face with strands of thick shabby hair dangling from their head , their hands were also thick and stout and greasy and so were their legs. They had huge violet eyes and i could see that they were pure evil. It seemed i was the only one to have seen them. They kept coming closer and closer to me at a steady pace unnoticed by anyone else. They stealthly manouevered through the crowds and all of a sudden one of them jumped, gave a hoarse sound and clung on to me and started cackling away. Its nails were like claws which dug deep into my skin. I kept trying to pull it away from me but it would not budge.Nobody seemed to notice as well. As i gave it everything i had to get the creature off me, the creature clinging on me slowly whispered to the one standing on the ground and said "HE IS OURS FOREVER". I felt like i couldn't breathe when i heard this, then all of a sudden it ended. this was one crazy dream. I hope i never dream of anything like this ever again.
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