mylot pay day

February 10, 2007 12:47pm CST
like every month i guess when pay day comes, alot of disscusions related to this are started. happy/non-happy is usually the general mood. and since i wasn't able to use mylot lately due to some personal problems i was browsing through the disscusions around here and i've seen alot of people blaming those who are happy that they've made few bucks, or even worse, people who plan to quit or who are really dissapointed because they got some posts deleted. unfortunatelly it happened to me too. last day of january i've lost 5 from my rating number. i wanted to post a subject about this too, but i thought that what i lost was meaningless compared to other members (someone lost over 100 in a single day). so to my surprise yesterday my earnings were higher than the previous days (maybe they re-calculated earnings or something before paying us) and i'm not ashamed to say i'm not only surprised, but also happy for that. that doesn't mean people who enjoy collecting their reward for the disscusions here are using mylot just for the money (some might have joined it for money, but time changed priorities). it's really nice to be able to do something u like, and get paid for that. isn't that the big dream for all of us? cheers mylot and mylotters
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