keeping track of u'r disscusions

February 10, 2007 1:00pm CST
i saw alot of disscusions lately related to how good are people when it comes to keeping track of their disscusions. i must admit i always try to do my best and i try to reply to all those who step by and leave a comment. but sometimes things get a little overwhelming. i haven't started a disscusions in weeks because at one point i got so many responses i just couldn't keep up to them and that made me a little scared. i don't know when i start a disscusion how many replies will i be getting, and keeping up with them until a certain point it's quite fun. if the number of replies is increasingly at a really fast speed then i try to read and + the people who leave comments. i think it's the nice thing to do for someone who took time to read u'r disscusion and share their opinion. how do u keep track of u'r disscusions? do u read and rate all u'r replies? do u have time to answer to all of them, or do u rather start a new topic than spend time in old ones?
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• United States
10 Feb 07
I do my best to keep up with mine also. I mean I do start discussions, but haven't ever had so much of an overflow that it has been difficult for me to read them all. - Lucky you - but I think it is important, because some people really share their experiences and things like that with people and some people don't even bother to look at their responses just start new discussions.
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• Romania
1 Mar 07
i totally agree. i wasn't able to check mine for some weeks but now that i am back (for good i hope) i will try to catch up with them blesses