Microsoft sucks

February 10, 2007 1:26pm CST
I seriously think microsoft sucks. my points are... 1.Everything costs here.Its the era of freeware.Everything is free.U need programming lang...Java is free.u need audio recording audacity is free...u need video editing virtualdub is free...u need photoshop like software GIMP is free...U need partition software...Gparter is free. U need a good free OS and UBUNTU is free...U need Office works to do then is free... Why the hell on earth microsoft costs so much??? 2.Live together Die alone... google has intimacy with firefox, sourceforge etc free software and tools making company. But microsoft likes to reign alone... it doesn't understand friendship it only understand ripping killing... 3.poor quality despite windows os what microsoft has delivered to be considered good enough? is a disgrace and shame. Hotmail , msn and windows mail they all suck... live is just using googles satellite map(what a shame)...and server level windows solution sucks... ie7 sucks... 4.STILL... i might hate microsoft much enough but still there is no replacement for windows xp ... Not even UBUNTU is user friendly enough like windows... whatever we do we can't live without microsoft at least without windows... what do u people think???
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