Skating at schools

@volcom (161)
United States
February 10, 2007 2:09pm CST
I myself am a skater and I do not understand why we can not skate at schools or other places like that without getting introuble. I think this is a discrimination because i bet if i went there on a scooter i wouldn't be getting kicked out and it doesn't make sense foe me to get kicked out because what am I harming? I just don't understand getting introuble for somthing i enjoy doing?
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@Optimize (201)
• Canada
15 Nov 08
Gambler2 is exactly right. If you f*** up on their property, their held responsible. It sucks but you gotta deal with it. although i coudlnt care less lol i skate on schools and private buildings anyways.
@webacid (15)
• United States
6 Jul 07
i agree we should be allowed to skate where we want
• United States
18 Jun 07
schooooooooollllll skating uhm school is for learning cuz i broke my ankle skating at school :D