What do you like best in Fifa 07 that was not in 06 version??

@ToMuSH (203)
February 10, 2007 3:13pm CST
I like the graphics, of course, that have increased very much since the 06 version of the game. But... The crowd...... It's still NOT GOOD ENOUGH!! It's like they're made out of paper......!! I hope that in Fifa 08 the crowd will be more realistic..
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• India
20 Feb 07
i like everything in this version compared to the former onme.. especially the graphics and the gameplay.. the much brought in reality tio the game is the most which i like of fifa 07
• India
19 Feb 07
The graphics no doubt is very good, specially that faded effect during the replays. The quality of commentry hasn't improved much from the '06 version. And they have not considered the crowd design very much. But one thing that makes this version outstanding is its realistic gameplay. I have been playing EA's Fifa since 2000. But never enjoyed this much realism while playing the game. Controlling the ball, guarding it, dodging, tackling and finally when you unleash your shot towards the goal. If you have mastered this game you will find that you can score goals in numerous styles, you can also determine at very high level of expertise, how to out or inswing the ball while shooting. That is really cool guys. I have never played this game online, because my net connection is not that fast. But the AI of the computer opponents has increased much than 2006 and some bugs are also fixed. Another new feature is regarding the creation of your own club. It was pretty good fun too. The freekick technique is also very good. You can have a lot more control than you could have in 2006. Currently I am playing this game in Legendary difficulty, this level of challenge is worth playing, making you feel joy, tension, and get the best out of you. I will give this game 8.5 in 10. It is so far the best in series. So, keep playing and ENJOY.
@rowan126 (78)
14 Feb 07
I prefer the manager mode and all the way that the players grow and gain match experience keeps you addicted to it for a while also the youth players have improved. In future editions though I would like to see more stadiums you can play in and where you can work on players growth individually
• India
11 Feb 07
i like the graphics... further the gameplay is very good..they hav brought much reality to the game...this is wat i like in the 2007 version prior to the 2006 version