Why do ppl. celebrate Valentine's day on concerned person's death... plz tell...

Purity of love... is this day really dat imp. - ?? - Love is an essence of life and that too the most beautiful phase of one's life... is it really correct on one's part to show one's feelin' on ONLY dis day and den b normal throughout' - I feel offended and I believ' one should always b in LUV' nd no matter hw much tme you have wid you but you should always shw careness and luv' towards your respective person... wat say... awaitin'... CHEERS!!!!!!!
February 10, 2007 6:07pm CST
I always wonder as to - why do V ppl. celebrate dis day world-wide wid dis enthusiasm, as Saint Valentine died or was axed on this day... and V mark dis day as to b - The Day of Love... ...Also is it fair... to show our love towards the concerned ppl. only on dis day and feel as to its almost done for the whole year... DOn't you feel - ONE should always show careness and love to ppl. always and even if its a touch for a moment and that's all one can tak' out in d whole day... I stil Believ' its MORE dan enuf' - wat say you guys... awaitin' please sharew your views on this and THAT too as much as you wanna...awaitin' and CHEERS!!!!!!!!
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