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February 10, 2007 6:10pm CST
As a wrestling fan.... What was the most memorable moment for you? Explain why? My most memorable moment was wrestlemania 3 "Hulk Hogan" vs "Andre the Giant". When Hogan picked up Andre to body slam him. Just picking him up, was amazing feat of strength, then Hogan fell backwards with Andre on top of him. Then Hogan pick him up a second time... that was something!
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@dbeast (1498)
• India
11 Feb 07
i have a lot of memorable moments .i started watching WWE since a kid.right from Bret the hitman hart to Batista.i loved the feud between Shawn and Bret Hart.it was simply amazing and wh can forget bret hart and stone cold,nation of domination and DX,rock and stone cold steve austin,undertaker and kane,so many memories.the rock and sock connection and most of the undertaker matches.well i can keep rambling on and on.
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• Canada
6 Apr 07
Oldie moments! thanks for your response
11 Feb 07
One of the best matches Ive seen was when, Mr McMahon buried Undertaker, and when he returned, that was awesome. And nother was when Undertaker threw Mankind off of the Cell. Brillinat although, I didnt see it at the time.
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