Who here is from a country where $20 from myLot is worth a lot more?

@not4me (1713)
United States
February 10, 2007 6:36pm CST
I'm just curious. I asked a similar question before but it had to do with Indian currency and I learned they were pretty much the same as US dollars as far as what the $20 can buy a person. I'm curious about other countries as well. And just so people from other countries know what $20 can buy in the US, it can buy about 5/8 of a tank of gas in my car or I could buy a carton of cigarettes (if I smoked lol). $20 is enough for fast food for our family of 4 but not enough for dinner at a cheap restaurant like Denny's.
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• Pakistan
25 Feb 07
I liv ein Pakistan so 1$ = 60 Rupees which means that 20$= 1200 Rs Approximately.. In 1200 rupess 1 person can eat at Mcdonalds for like 5 times ...lol At a cheap restuarant a family can eat like Mcdonalds... And right now I have 4 dollars in my acccount.. :D
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@palpalsky (900)
• United States
21 Mar 07
$20 in india is around 850rs ..which can feel gas tank twice ..can have good food in good place ..u can buy pair pairs jeans
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@qouniq (1968)
• Malaysia
7 Mar 07
in my currency 1$ = 3.8 MYR and for 20$ i will earn about 76 MYR. with this money i can buy 5 kilo of rice which i can use for about 2 weeks (for 2 person), buy some other food stuff for 2 weeks of usage period, to start a small online investment program, and to keep for emergency money for the particular month. I am not that kind of person who like to eating out and to eat the fast food to much. I guess i can save some money from this.
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